behind the movement

I, Johannes Mokobi, – define myself as a young South African who gets up like many other South Africans to look for a self-sustainable life. Due to a disadvantaged background and life journey, I fall into the category of people who have not finished their schooling (Grade12) but that does not mean I am uneducated or uninformed about my surroundings and etc. I have been in and out of college due to financial and accommodation reasons.

I was born 27 March 1992 and I am like the millions of children who don ´t know their biological family since the age of 3 months. I am a driven and hard working person, with a passion about entrepreneurship as a way of self- improvement and financially stability. I love Marketing, Designing and Technology though I am not fully knowledgeable about the three. I am self-taught in many things I know today using online tools and YouTube.

I have also managed to develop some skills in Graphic Designing (using Adobe Creative Suite), Interior Designing (using Google SteckchUp), Web/E-mail Hosting as well as Web Designing/Developing (using WordPress & Adobe Dreamweaver). I also have basic knowledge in developing eCommerce Websites (using online platforms such as, and WoCommerce Plugin).

I left school at Grade 9 (at Geluksdal Secondary School) after I was kick out where I stayed (as the family wanted to rent the whole house for income), since then I have changed schools and dropped out of colleges a number of times due to accommodation reasons. I am currently studying Web & App Developemt with (a free online learning platform) which will help me earn the skill in creating and developing websites and mobile apps. I started JM CarWash, to create a platform to earn an income to fund my studies and basic needs as well as to help other unemployed youth like me who find themselves in a situation like my own.

Today I wash cars for a number of individuals and small offices. I also freelance in Web Designing & Graphic Designing for an extra income. I started this movement to help other like myself who want to further their studies and are willing to work hard. I aim to wash 200 cars to raise the capital, to start helping at least 10 unemployed students.

My Two Ultimate Goals

  • Introduce a Self-Dependent Culture

    The biggest goal for starting this movement is to introduce a self-dependent culture, which will educate most of unemployed youth to exchange they time, talent and energy to earn money to fund their studies and to meet basic need. Also teach them how to think of ideas to find ways to solve/deal with daily problems and life changes by having ChatGroup Sessions

    Introduce Online Learning:

    I have learnt all that I know online and also from taking free online course. So I want to help introduce Online Learning as the future to help unskilled youth (or dropped out students) to further their studies or earn an employable skill using online learning platforms – like COURSERA, SKILLSHARE, or GETSMART and etc.  

    Through the carwash they are able to have an income for them to meet basic needs or data for them to focus on improving their day to day lives